Hi bloggers!

Anna and Eleftheria here! We hope everyone is having a great day. Last Friday, we had the
chance to have a skype call with Cathy, a marine scientist who works at Aquarius the only
underwater lab in the world in Key West, Florida!

The lab is approximately 25 meters under the surface of the sea, and it is surrounded by fish,
sharks and coral reefs. It consists of a six-person crew who examine sea life. The lab was
built on land and it was finalized attached to another underwater building in the Atlantic!
To have the appropriate oxygen to live there, the lab is connected to a machine on the sea
surface, that squeezes air and transfers it into the lab. An interesting fact that we learnt
about the lab is that they also train astronauts, due to the low gravity that resembles space!
Another surprising fact that we learnt was that, based on their researches, millions of sharks
are killed by people every year; however, only 5 people get killed by sharks in a year!

It was a remarkably great experience and we learnt a lot of things about sea life. What about
you, bloggers? What do you know about sea life? Well, we have elaborated a fun quiz for
you. Give it a try to find out!

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Quiz on sea life and the Aquarius Lab!

1. LESS people than sharks get killed each year: T F
2. Coral reefs can be found in both shallow and deep water: T F
3. Sea life also contains the plants that live underwater, such as planktons and corals:
4. Microorganisms do exist underwater: T F
5. There are not any marine arthropods: T F
6. The lab is in the Atlantic Ocean T F
7. Astronauts are trained in Aquarius T/F
8. The lab is 15 metres underwater T/F
9. The lab is attached to another underwater building T/F

heck your answers below:

KEY to the QUIZ: 1T, 2F, 3T, 4 T, 5F, 6T, 7T, 8F, 9T

0-2 correct answers: You should start learning more about sea life and the Aquarius!
3-4 correct answers: You could do better than that!
5-7 correct answers: Well done! You know quite a lot about sea life and the Aquarius!
8-10 correct answers: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a sea life expert!

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