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Makrina here! Sorry I haven’t been posting for so long, but I was soaked in homework, a lot of school stuff, you know! Today that I’m finally posting I wanted to catch up on a different topic and that is… ‘drumrolls please’ … Dinosaurs!!! Dinos are very cool so today’s blog entry is about them. So, let’s get started!!!

Did you know that the word dinosaur comes from Greek and actually means ‘terrible lizard’? Well, I bet you didn’t! Another fun fact is that 1-3 dinosaurs was a carnivore. Imagine how many plants where there at their habitat! There where thee periods when dinosaurs existed. The first one was called Triassic period. The second Jurassic and the third Cretaceous Period. These periods where before 595 million years!

What about you, bloggers? How much do you know about Dinosaurs? My classmates, Lina, Theodore, Eleftheria, Vasianna, Bill, Pandora, Steve and Angela, have elaborated a fun quiz for you. Give it a try to check your knowledge on the topic!

Make sure to leave a comment suggesting another topic for next time. Tell me your opinion on this blog. See you next time! Bye bloggers!

Test your knowledge on … ‘Dinosaurs’

  1. Velociraptors had small eyes, so scientists believe they could see very badly. T F
  2. Triceraptors were about the same size as Ankylosaurus. T F
  3. T REX could run quite fast, about 40 kilometers an hour, almost as fast as a horse T F
  4. Troodon was one of the smartest dinosaurs. T F
  5. Velociraptors had a small mouth with smooth teeth. T F
  6. Ankylosaurus was 4 meters tall but its body was only 7 meters long. T F
  7. T-REX was the largest dinosaur. T F
  8. Triceraptors were the strongest dinosaur. T F
  9. T-REX had a soft skin. T F
  10. T-REX was vegan! T F
  11. Troodon had a small head with5 horns. T F
  12. T-REX’S skin was scaly like a crocodile. T F
  13. T-REX was very slow. T F
  14. Velociraptor was very smart but not dangerous. T F
  15. Troodon was very big but it had a small brain. T F

Check your answers below:

KEY TO QUIZ: 1F, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5F, 6F, 7T, 8T, 9F,10F, 11F, 12T, 13F, 14F, 15F.

0-4 correct answers: You should start learning more about dinosaurs!
5-8 correct answers: You could do better than that!
9-11 correct answers: Well done! You know quite a lot about dinosaurs!
12- 15 correct answers: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a dinosaur expert!

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