MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘A Christmas Story’

It was a snowy day and all the children in the planet were waiting for Santa Claus’s presents. A little poor girl was in her small old house. She was waiting for her present.

The night came. The little girl went to her little wooden bed to sleep. Santa Claus was in his sleigh with his nine reindeers and gave out the presents. Santa came back to his huge house and saw that he had forgotten one present! It was the present of the poor little girl.

It was seven o’clock and the girl woke up. She ran happily to her very small Christmas tree, but there was nothing under it. Santa didn’t have time to bring the forgotten present to the girl. The girl spent an hour in her small room with tears streaming down her cheeks. Suddenly, she heard a noise outside her house, and she went to check what had happened. She saw Santa Claus with her present right outside. She was very glad and opened her big present. Then Santa left.

Since then the little girl has learnt that she shouldn’t get desperate and she should always have faith. When she meets a person who has a problem, she tells them her story to encourage them.

by Nandia and Sophia

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