MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘Best Christmas Ever!’

At Christmas of 2019 my family and I went to Australia. We went there because we wanted to see my favourite band, Green Day. It was a very cold day; therefore, we were wearing warm clothes.

Green day created a new album ‘Father of all’. This band consists of the guitarist and vocalist, Billie Joe Armstrong, the drummer Tre’ Cool, and the bassist Mike Dirnt. The rocking.gr reports that this is the best tour of Green Day ever. We stayed at a very cozy room in the centre of Australia. It was Saturday and the concert was on Sunday. It was Sunday I was with my best friend Ioanna and with her sister Sophia. I was so excited the concert was amazing I saw these idols in real life. The lights were impressive, there were blue, red, green and other amazing colours. After this fantastic experience I went back at my room with my friends and we discussed about the concert.

Three days later we returned to Greece. I was very surprised with this concert. I am feeling so good and amazing at the moment. It was a unique experience. I love both Green Day and my friends very much!

By Theodora Argyri

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