MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘My Best Christmas Ever’

It was Christmas evening and the smell in the house was amazing! My mom’s Christmas cookies were being baked in the oven and the smell of them was great. I was in my bed and while was trying to convince myself to get up to try my mum’s cookies my family dashed into my room and surprised me for my name day. And that’s how my day started with a big smile. That morning we ate breakfast and we got ready for our trip to Albania.

When we arrived, I saw my favourite cousins who I hadn’t seen in two years. They had missed me a lot too. We went together to amazing and magical places with millions of lights which reminded me of Christmas.

At night we went to a special restaurant with very good loud music and tasty food. This is the Christmas I will never forget!

by Vasianna Rospopi

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