MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘The Brightest Christmas’

Christmas is a very important celebration for all of us. For me Christmas is all about family moments and blessing. So, every Christmas day I think of how lucky I am to celebrate this day with my family by my side. And for me last Christmas was the best of my entire life.

To begin with last Christmas, I woke up happy. I was feeling so blessed, because the whole family was united and peaceful. The image of the decorated Christmas tree by the fireplace enhanced the sense of harmony. Smiles and laughs were in abundance everywhere in the house.

Later, I helped my mum and dad with the chores of the day, and I set the table for the Christmas dinner. We ate roast turkey and potatoes for the main course and a chocolate cake for dessert. It was a lovely, unique family meal.

In the afternoon we went to the church for a voluntary offering to the poor kids. We gave them clothes and toys. This made me feel so complete.

When I went to bed, before I fell asleep, I thought of the whole day and realized how important my family is to me and for this reason I am grateful to God.

by Pandora Grientzelou

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