MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘The Poor Family’

Once upon a time, in London, there was a family that didn’t have any money. They had a poor home and they didn’t have money to buy warm clothes for the winter. They felt unhappy but they loved and cared for each other.

    It was Christmas and it was snowing they couldn’t buy a tree to decorate it. They couldn’t go out of their home because they didn’t have any clothes to wear for Christmas. One night the child dreamed of Santa Claus.

    One morning the child went to buy milk, he stopped outside a house and watched the people inside who were happy. He looked around the neighborhood all people were decorating their houses. The boy went back home depressed. The next day the boy found a lottery ticket on the street. He thought that if he won the lottery, he could give presents to his family and to all poor people.

   His dream came true! He won the lottery and bought the presents. For this good deed when he grew up, he became Santa Claus.

By Anastasia Lezaki and Dimitra Bellou

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