MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

The Sweetest Memories’

The cold wind was blowing, and the snow had covered the small town. In winter 2002, a nuclear family lived in London, their daughter had decided to leave them and study abroad in the USA.

Mother: Dear are you sure you want to leave?

Daughter: Mum, I told you I had already made my decision a long time ago.

Father: Honey, don’t try to change her mind.

Daughter: I must tell you something.

Parents: What’s on your mind, dear?

Daughter: I don’t think I’m going to return after I leave. I want to stay abroad for ever.

Mother starts crying and hugs her daughter.

Father: You know that whatever you decide we will support you!

Daughter hugs her parents with tears running on her face.

It was decided she was going to leave on Christmas. The next day she packed her things and left for the airport.

At the airport:

Mother: Honey, before you get on the plane open this envelope. (she hands her a letter)

Daughter: OK! Thank you, mum. (she’s crying)

Father: Be careful when you get there, take good care of yourself!

Daughter: Goodbye!

Parents: We will miss you!

A few minutes later she opened the envelope. There were some pictures inside that reminded her of some old memories.

She went to the USA; she finished her studies and now she’s on the plane back home to visit her family. On the plane she opens again the envelope her mum had given her years ago. Suddenly, she realized she has missed her family a lot all and that she can’t live without them anymore. When she got off the plane, she ran to her parents’ arms. Her parents were very surprised. They all started crying and she told them that she would never leave them again.

Bottom line: Family is a very important part of our life. We must care about the people we love.

By Kleo Panousi, Lina Karsa and Maria Panousi

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