MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘A Perfect Christmas Story’

Last Christmas my uncle gave me a gift. When he left, I ran and took off the wrapper and I saw a book titled ‘’ The most beautiful Christmas’ ’And without any further delay I started reading it.

At some point I raised my head and looked around me. I was in a puddle where there was a little house and I could hear Christmas songs coming from inside the house. I started walking when a man came out of the house and went to get some wood from the small warehouse at the back of .When he returned from the warehouse I asked him where I was, but when he heard me, he let the wood down and ran towards me. I was shocked .When he got to where I was  he asked me if I was okay and how I got there .Before I could  answer, he led me inside the house and told his wife to bring me a blanket because I was freezing. Then he asked his children to bring me something to eat. As I was eating a bit of porridge, the very kind members of this poor family were looking at me in surprise, the younger of the two girls asked me what my name was. I replied ‘’ my name is Angela and I don’t know where I am because a few minutes ago I was reading my book at home ‘’. The man told me I was on a small island named ‘’Santa’’.

After a while, we were sitting by the fireplace singing Christmas carols when the eldest sister shouted ‘’it’s time!’’. Then everybody ran, took off their warm coats and went out, they were looking at the grass. I was wondering what was happening. The man told me that at that time of the day small creatures appeared to humans only once every fifty years during the Christmas period.

Before I could go out, I heard the alarm clock ringing and then I realized that I had fallen asleep while reading and it was all just a dream! By Angela Argoudeli

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