MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘A Christmas Story’

It was December the 18th, a few days before Christmas and I was with my family at my dad’s friend house near a mountain. The roads were covered in snow, just like I wanted it all these years.

When I woke up the next morning my dad told me that we were going to the Christmas festival at the center of the city. There was a long way to the city, so we packed up and set off. When we arrived, we were shocked! It was the most magical thing I had ever seen.  There was a bunch of things to do like ice skating, wall climbing, drawing and snowball fighting. Firstly, we went to grab a bite because the smell from the restaurants were great and we couldn’t restrain ourselves. After lunch we went wall climbing, but I didn’t want to participate in it as I’m afraid of heights. Then we went snowball fighting. We went outside and we made two teams of four people. I hit some pretty nice shots, but they eventually hit me.

As we were heading back home, we realized that the highway was closed, because of the heavy snowfall. We decided to get back home through a small nearby village.

The streets had millions of lights on top of them looking like waves formed by millions of stars to light up the road of the travellers. We got out of the car and took a family picture. After that we explored the village a little bit more and then headed back home. A few days later, on Christmas day, we all sat down and watched the fireworks in the night sky. It was a moment of love, happiness and gratefulness to be all together.

Since then I have known that Christmas is not only about gifts and money from our grandparents, but it’s a special day for family, friends and all the good feelings we can have.

Merry Christmas! 

by George Androulakis