MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘Jack’s wish’

Hi, I am Jack. My parents have a lot of money, so I don’t need any toy from Santa Claus, because they buy me whatever I want.  Therefore, what I want this Christmas is to fly, for a while only. I asked it from my parents, but they said that it is impossible for Santa Claus to bring me this gift. So, I’m going with my sister to his house to beg him.

Jack, we have been walking for hours…

Look! I think that is the house of Santa Claus!

Yes! You’re right!

<< Knock knock>>

(Opens the door an elf)


Hi. I’m Lisa and this is my brother, Jack. We need to speak to Santa Claus.

Oh, you can’t. He is very sad.

Oh no! Why is he sad?

This year, he has been eating a lot of sweets, so he cant fit in the chimneys.

Wait! My brother Jack is thin. He could deliver the presents for you to the children.

Good idea! Do you want to do this?

Yes! With pleasure.

Perfect. The time has passed. These are the gifts. Go to the sled and start. The reindeers know the road.

(Jack is going to the sled and he is starting)

Look! Lisa! I’m flying! I’m flying!

By Lefteris Portellos