MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘The Best Christmas’

Last Christmas, I went with my family to London. It was snowing and the weather was cold. When we arrived at the airport, we got into a taxi and went to our hotel.

Next morning, we wore our woolly jackets and went to the snowboarding center. There were many people and we had a great time.  Then we went to the central square and we saw a big Christmas tree with a bright star on top.

It was getting dark and the colourful lights of the Christmas tree were lit. I had never seen such a beautiful Christmas tree like this!

An old man who was dressed as Santa Claus started singing with the kids. Then we all gathered around the tree and started singing.

I had a great time in London and the most important thing for me was that my family and I were all together, healthy and happy.

By Kleo Panousi