MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories

‘The Best Christmas’

As I was sitting on the couch, I looked outside the window and it was snowing. Then I remembered the last Christmas with my family. “This was the best Christmas ever” I told myself. I was looking to pictures from that day and I suddenly had this nostalgic feeling from the past. I closed my eyes and then I felt like I was living these memories again.

It was snowing and the cold wind was blowing. I had invited my family to celebrate Christmas together for the first time and I was really excited.

When they arrived, we sat next to the fireplace and talked happily. Later, my mother and I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner. My sister and my dad were talking and watching Christmas shows on TV. It was the first time that we had gathered all together after all these years.

When we finished dinner, we went for a walk to the town square. It was amazing! There was a huge Christmas tree with colourful lights around it. A lot of people were there to celebrate Christmas. We took many pictures.

It was the most wonderful day of my life. All in all, this was the best Christmas of my life because I was with my family. Since they left for another country, we have never celebrated Christmas together again!

By Maria Panousi