MB Christmas Stories
MB Christmas Stories

MB Christmas Stories


One wintry morning, it was snowing and foggy. A company of four boys Jim, Harris, Nick and Max decided to go hiking on the mountain. They made a snowman and played snowball fight. Then, they saw a guy who was playing alone. The guy was wearing clothes which were not warm. The four boys got closer to him and they asked him:

–Friends: ‘Why are you playing alone?’

–Guy: ‘Because I haven’t got any friends. I am alone and I am cold.’

–Friends: ‘Do you want to play with us and to be a part of our company?’

–Guy: ‘Yes, of course. Thank you.’

–Friends: ‘Firstly, we are going to get you some warm clothes.’

–Guy: ‘Ok let’s go.’

 Then the company went to the city centre to buy a Christmas tree and ornaments. They spent a lot of time, entertaining themselves, decorating the Christmas tree and playing table games.

By Jim Papadomanolakis and Harry Frantzoglou